Student Visa

Australia’s education system is among the best in the world. If you would like to come to Australia to study or remain in Australia to study, you may be eligible to apply for a student visa.

Student visa (subclass 500)

The Student visa (subclass 500) and Student Guardian (subclass 590) may be suitable for you if you are considering study in Australia.

Prior to July 2016, student visas were divided in to a number of subclasses depending on your course of study. If you already hold one of these student visas and are curious as to your future options please contact us.

The Student visa may be suitable for you if you are in or outside Australia and wish to stay in Australia to study full-time. You will need to demonstrate that you are financial capable of supporting yourself while in Australia. You are also restricted as to the number of hours you can work. The benefit of studying in Australia is that you obtain a world class education that can be utilised should you return to your home country. Australian qualifications may also enhance future work opportunities overseas or in Australia. Keep in mind, to be granted a student visa you need to show you genuinely intend on staying in Australia temporarily. You can contact us for further information.

Do you meet any of the following?

  • Do you want to stay in Australia to study full time?
  • Have you been accepted in to a full time registered course of study or would like to apply for a course?
  • Have you completed an English examination (for example, IELTS or PTE)?

If you meet the above requirements or are unsure if you meet the requirements, please contact us.

Does this visa give me permanent residency?

This is a temporary visa. The visa is granted for the duration of your course. Please contact us for specific information regarding how long your visa would be granted for.

It doesn’t sound like I meet the requirements, what’s next?

Immigration law is extremely complex and rapidly changing. The above information might be confusing or overwhelming if you are not experienced in this area of law. If you are thinking of applying for this visa, or any visa, contact us. In some instances, our clients were not aware of their options and opportunities for immigration to Australia. If you do not qualify for this visa, we may be able to give advice regarding another type of visa you can apply for.

What to do next?

Contact us!

Do not try to attempt a visa application yourself. If you have a visa refused, or lodge a visa only to later withdraw – you may jeopardise your chances of staying in Australia.

Patel Gahagan Lawyers are practiced, knowledgeable and approachable. Contact us for further advice and assistance.